Delve deep into history, myth and legend at The Silver Mountain Experience! Why not scroll down and see what ‘delights’ we have awaiting you… FEARLESS EXPLORER! 

My daughter very much enjoyed the Dragon Trail and I was very impressed.

Steven C (Tripadvisor)

We did the Dragons Tale tour. we were met by out tour guide Wrag. He was great. He was great in character and interacted well with all the children on the tour. We enjoyed looking for Grotty the dragon.

Nicola S (Tripadvisor)

Lose yourself in the magic of Woo Hoo Wood, where the youngsters will enjoy a spot of den-building and the grown-ups can get stuck in too! Play eerie tunes on the Giant’s Pan Pipes or explore the Tangle-Foot Maze. Search for the Wang Bats umbrellas as you try to complete the Woo Hoo Quest. Make sure you watch out for the Giant’s Pencils, and if you’re feeling brave take on the Wobbly Log challenge! Close to Woo Hoo Wood you will find the Giant’s Button Puzzle – it’s certainly a brain-teaser.


Get together with others and work your way through the choice of games to play at the Shroomy Circle on Shroomy Hill or find the Shroomy Challenge where your co-ordination skills will be put to the test. If you fancy getting your feet wet then why not try a spot of Dam Building in the stream near Shroomy Hill Bridge (use of suitable footwear such as Crocs or old trainers recommended). 


Think you’ve got what it takes to find gold? Our extremely popular under cover Gem Panning and open air “Gold” Panning areas where you can pan for gems or” gold” with *guaranteed results!

*A small extra charge applies – ask at the Admissions desk for details. “Gold” is Iron Pyrite (known as Fools Gold)


Play for hours in our fantastic Silver River Play Area, where you become the master of water, and control the flow from our streams using a variety of different channels and systems. Children and Adults alike will find it great fun.


We always knew there was something magical about The Silver Mountain, but now you can unearth some of the myths and legends in our Fossil Dig. Is it a Dinosaur? Is it a Dragon? Who knows what you will discover, so grab your tools and see what you can find!